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  View from house towards Longfellow Park
View from the House to the river
c. 1900

After Henry Longfellow’s death, his children established an association to preserve the view from the House to the Charles River and created Longfellow Park.

Today there is no longer a view from the House all the way to the river due to the abundance of trees that have grown up.

Rough map of Longfellow Park

Park as built in 1910

Longfellow Park 1902
View from Longfellow Park towards the House c. 1902

The park also created a view from Mount Auburn Street towards the House.
Looking out the front door
View from House today
Longfellow Park is managed by the city of Cambridge and the abutting property owners including Longfellow National Historic Site, the Latter Day Saints church, and the Cambridge Friends Society.

Longfellow Park
Longfellow Park today

Longfellow Park Dedication, 1914 Longfellow Memorial, 1913
by Daniel Chester French
The bronze bust of Longfellow is in front of a marble relief depicting significant characters from his work, including Miles Standish, Sandalphon the angel, the Village Blacksmith, the Spanish Student from Tales of a Wayside Inn, Evangeline, and Hiawatha. Longfellow Park Dedication, 1914
Longfellow's adult children at dedication of the memorial
Longfellow Park Dedication, 1914 Dedication ceremony, 1914 Festive dedication ceremonies were held in 1914 with many members of the Longfellow family attending. Longfellow Park Dedication, 1914
Dedication ceremony, 1914

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