Third Floor

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The third floor rooms contain both storage areas and several small bedrooms.

The third floor is above the original 1759 house. Above the second floor ell rooms is an attic.

The third floor is reached by the back stairway.

During Alice Longfellow's lifetime, a bathroom was installed on this floor.
Third floor plan
Longfellow's trunk
Longfellow's trunk
The third floor rooms were probably used for unmarried female servants' sleeping quarters during the Longfellows' lifetimes, although there is little documentation of room usage on this floor. The family also stored trunks, unused furniture, and household items here. When Longfellow ran out of room for his books, he stored some here as well.
Fanlight in central window
These windows provided the only ventilation for the third floor. In this image of the house from around 1880, some of the third-floor windows are open. House in 1880
Flooring under eaves
Flooring under eaves

Patterned flooring is found in storage areas under the eaves.  
Roof beams
Beams under hipped roof

The hand hewn roof beams supporting the hipped roof are visible in most of the third-floor rooms.  
window framing
Window framing
Recent renovation work allowed a view of construction around the windows.  


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