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Ell hall history

Henry Longfellow's bedroom and dressing room


The ell hall was originally one large open space (red).
It connected directly to the Gold Ring Room (blue), the bedroom of Henry and Fanny Longfellow.

It served as Henry Longfellow's dressing room and contained an early shower bath that drew water from a tank in the attic.

Ell hall storage
Ell hall storage
Ell hall modifications
Alice's changes to ell hall
Around 1902 Waddy Longfellow designed major renovations to Henry Longfellowís dressing room, and removed direct access from the Gold Ring Room. The dressing room area was adapted to contain:
  • An elevator for Alice (pink)
  • Linen closets and household storage (yellow)
  • A modern bathroom (green)

Ell hall wallpaper
Alice's wallpaper for the ell hall

Second floor bathrooms
Alice Longfellow's second-floor bathrooms
With the help of her cousin, Waddy Longfellow, Alice Longfellow added and modernized bathrooms (green) throughout the Craigie mansion.
  • Between 1885 and 1888 she installed a bathroom off the maid's room in the ell behind the elevator.
  • She installed a bathroom between her bedroom and the Gold Ring Room.
  • Later she added a bath to the back bedroom for Harry Dana, who shared the House with her.
  • The needle shower in the main ell hall bathroom is still in the House today.
Needle shower
Needle shower, second-floor ell hall bathroom
Gothic wallpaper
Gothic wallpaper

The back stairway to the kitchen area has Gothic-style wallpaper from the Longfellows' time.

Henry Longfellow used the back hallway to store some of his books when he ran out of space in other rooms.

Gothic wallpaper detail
Wallpaper detail

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