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Front hall landing

The front and back halls are lit by the common window between them.  The back stairs are visible through the open door.     
Edith Longfellow
Edith Longfellow
by Ernest W. Longfellow, 1866
oil on canvas

This is a portrait of Longfellow’s daughter Edith, painted by her brother Ernest in 1867 when she was thirteen years old. They kept the portrait a secret from their father, who found it as a surprise gift standing at his place at the breakfast table on his sixtieth birthday.  
by John Baptiste Camille Corot
c. 1860-70, oil on board

This painting by Corot once belonged to Thomas Gold Appleton who gave it to Alice Longfellow. Appleton and William Morris Hunt are credited with creating an interest in the Barbizon School, a group of nineteenth-century Frenc landscape painters including Corot.  
Soliloquy from Golden Legend
The Soliloquy of Friar Pacificus [from "The Golden Legend" by Henry Longfellow]
by E.S. Doolittle
and Y.Y. Cortelyou
New York, 1876

Henry Longfellow received this illuminated manuscript in 1876.  It contains an excerpt from his long poem, The Golden Legend.

The Soliloquy of Friar Pacificus

Highland Landscape
Highland Landscape
Artist unknown

Killarney, Ireland
The Rocks, Killarney, Ireland
by Fanny Steers, 1857
w atercolor on off-white wove paper
Henry Longfellow purchased this painting at the Boston Athenaeum.  

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