Gold Ring Room

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This room probably served as a bedroom for Jackie and Nelly Custis, Martha Washington's son and daughter-in-law, during their stay from December 11, 1775 through April 1776. There is little information about this room's use until the nineteenth century.

For nearly a century this room seems to have been the master bedroom in the Vassall-Craigie-Longfellow House. This room served as Andrew and Elizabeth Craigie's bedroom and later as Henry and Fanny Longfellow's bedroom until Henry's death in 1882.

Samuel Longfellow, the younger brother of Henry Longfellow, moved into the House shortly after his brother's death. This room served as his bedroom until his death in 1892. Visiting family and boarders used this room as their bedroom from the 1890s until 1972.

The carpet is making today in my bed-room + I hope to move into it this week. I am impatient to have the other rooms in order, but dare not venture u[pon any paint so near a certain event [childbirth].

—Fanny Longfellow to Harriet S. Appleton, May 8, 1944

Gold Ring Room
Gold Ring Room

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