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Floor plan showing gold ring room
Gold Ring Room
This was Mrs Craigie's room when Henry Longfellow was a boarder.  

This was the Longfellows' bedroom and a door connected the room to Henry's dressing room, shown in red.

Most of the children were born in this room. Fanny wrote to Anne Pierce, "...he [newborn Ernest] is constantly with me, by night as well as day. He sleeps by my bedside in his little crib, and is so quiet and good the touch of my finger is sufficient to rock him gently asleep after each meal."

Both Fanny and Henry died here. Before Henry's death, Edith wrote, "he likes to have the shades pulled up and the room as light as usual so it does not seem like a sick room."

Alice Longfellow renovated the dressing room and created a bathroom and household storage areas, removing the door from the Gold Ring room.

The room served as a guest room for later visitors and boarders.
Floor plan showing Henry's dressing room
Dressing room area, originally with door to Gold Ring Room
Sleigh bed
Sleigh bed
For the first year of marriage, the Longfellows shared the house with the Worcester family.  During this time, they used the Blue Room as their bedroom.

The Gold Ring Room became Henry and Fanny Longfellow's bedroom when the Worcesters moved out and they gained use of the entire house.

Henry Longfellow wrote in his journal of the rats he heard at night, "...trundling great weights between the walls!"


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