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Sleigh bed
Sleigh bed

The bedroom suite (bed, bookcase, and dresser) was a wedding present from Nathan Appleton.  

The Longfellows' sleigh bed was purchased from a Boston furniture maker.

Japanese screen
Japanese screen

Charley Longfellow brought many decorative screens home to his family from Japan.

This screen has recently been conserved and is on display.

Jared Sparks's series on George Washington was written in this room. A copy is displayed in the Renaissance Revival bookcase shown below.

Sparks' biography of Washington
Sparks' series on Washington
Gold ring for bed hangings
Gold ring for hangings
The ring in the ceiling was used for bed hangings.  The Longfellow children sometimes called this room the "wedding ring room".  The name "gold ring room" was not used until the 1950s.

Renaissance Revival bookcase

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