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North wall North wall

Before the Craigies' 1790s renovation, this room was at the rear of the house and had two additional windows on the north wall.

In the Longfellows' time, the room was probably green. When the Longfellows used this room as their bedroom,  a connecting door to Henry's dressing room was located to the right of the bed behind the bookcase pictured on the left.

When Alice and her cousin Waddy renovated the dressing room as a bathroom and hall with storage closets, the connecting door to the dressing room was removed.

The door behind the screen in the northwest corner leads to another bathroom shared with the small bedroom in the ell.

Japanese screen
Northwest corner

Fireplace Fireplace

The Greek Revival soapstone fire frame was probably installed early in the Longfellows' time. The original fireplace had a brick and sandstone frame.

In the closet is evidence of an early dumbwaiter shaft, now used for heating ducts. Since the kitchen was originally below this room and the wine cellar below that, it would have been a logical place for an early dumbwaiter.

South wall

South wall

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