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Japan room
1899 image showing new door on right

Charley wrote to his father from India asking about putting in a door between the two northernmost rooms in the ell on the second floor. Charley planned to make a suite for himself using the Indian objects he was acquiring during his travels.

After spending two years in the Orient, he decorated the room with Japanese objects.

Second floor baths floor plan
Baths installed by Alice (green)

Each of the back rooms has a fireplace, but the small maid's room closest to the main house does not.

After Charley's death, Alice had a bathroom installed in the upper left corner of the bedroom on the left for Harry Dana who also used these rooms. She also installed a bathroom between the maid's room and the Gold Ring Room.

Charley's room
Charley's room with window at left

Alice converted a window in the north sitting room to a door around 1904 and had a second floor verandah built.

This required changes to the ceiling of the piazza below.

Harry Dana in room
Same room with door at left
View of piazza and verandah
Second floor verandah
In the image of the verandah, the north door is visible at the top right of the image.  

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