bullet Fireplace Tiles

Castle by the sea tile
Castle by the sea
Church by the sea tile
Church by the sea
Windmill and ship tile
Windmill and ship
Adam kneeling tile
Adam kneeling in front of God
Girl with rake tile
Girl with rake, boy with jug
Lady with rake tile
Lady with a rake, man with a drum, old man whittling

Mandarin and lady tile
Mandarin and lady

Lady crossing stile tile
Helping lady over a stile
Blowing soap bubbles tile
Lady blowing soap bubbles

Ship tile Three-masted ship

Head-on ship tile
Ship head on
Couple dancing tile
Man and woman dancing
Sailor's farewell tile
Sailor's farewell
Dancing and fiddling tile
Lady dancing, man fiddling, admirer
Dog, wolf, and cat tile
Dogs killing wolf, cat in tree
Matthew 7:3 tile
Matthew 7:3 (mote and beam)
Badminton tile
Battledore and shuttlecock

Castle ruins tile
Ruins with couple in foreground

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