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Japanese screen with images of two women
Japanese women in summer and winter

Charley Longfellow bought this two-fold screen depicting women in summer and winter. It was once part of a larger six-panel screen used in the Library.  

Watercolors of Italy
Nine Views of Italy

The watercolors Nine Views of Italy were painted in 1896-97 by Hattie Spelman Longfellow, Ernest Longfellow's wife and a friend of Alice Longfellow.  

The watercolors are on a mahogany Chippendale-style card table, New England c. 1780.

With the watercolors are a Chinese enamel oval box, a bronze plum paper weight, and a stand with inkwells.


Rocks and Surf
Mary King Longfellow

Rocks and Surf, a watercolor by Mary King Longfellow was painted in the late 19th or early 20th century.


Watercolor by Mary King Longfellow
A Calm Day
by Mary King Longfellow

A Calm Day is another watercolor by Mary King Longfellow.


Bronze bat incense burner
Incense Burner

The bronze bat incense burner was sent from Japan by Charley Longfellow.

This is from the anteroom between this room and the study.

Painting "On the Roman Campagna"
On the Roman Campagna
Artist unknown
Italian, mid-19th c.
Henry Longfellow purchased the painting On the Roman Campagna in Italy during the family's 1968-69 trip.  

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