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Southeast corner of study Southeast corner of Alice's study

Alice Longfellow's cousin "Waddy" (Alexander Wadsworth Longfellow Jr.) designed the corner bookcase for this room.

Above it hangs a drawing entitled Portrait of the Artist: Thomas Gold Appleton.

On the shelf Alice placed a bust of Caesar Augustus, an inlaid box, pictures of herself at various ages, and other small objects.
Alice's childhood rocker is in front of the bookcase.

Corner bookcase and child's rocker
Corner bookcase
Shelf of books by Thomas Appleton
Books by Thomas G. Appleton

Books written by Thomas Gold Appleton, Fanny Appleton's brother, are on a shelf by the fireplace.  
Japanese chest and mirror
Two part Japanese chest and mirror

Between the front windows is the two-part Japanese chest, or tansu, that Charley Longfellow brought to the house.

On the chest are two vases, and on either side of the chest, two gas brackets.

Between the east windows are Alice's desk and bookcase and Chippendale chair.

On Alice's desk is a picture of Emerson, a leather case with her monogram, and her American Field Service certificate.  

Alice's secretary-style desk
Alice's desk and bookcase
Alice's desktop
Alice's desktop
Alice used a library table for her desk by 1917. Desktop articles belonging to her include a writing desk, inkwell, and baskets. Art Nouveau inkwell
Art Nouveau inkwell
Bas-relief hand blotter
Bas-relief hand blotter

twine box
Twine box
Arts and Crafts wallpaper
Arts and Crafts wallpaper
On the walls is a reproduction Arts and Crafts wallpaper, created by women design students.  

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