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Grueby tile showing trees and hills
Grueby tile

Alice displayed some of her many Arts and Crafts pieces in her study. She was an active member of the Society of Arts and Crafts.

The Arts and Crafts movement promoted artistic work in all handicrafts and attempted to bring designers and crafts people together. It gave new importance to the beauty of well-made everyday objects.

Marblehead pottery bowl
Marblehead pottery bowl

Society of Arts and Crafts label
Society of Arts and Crafts label on Marblehead bowl
Verse from Henry Longfellow's poem "To a  Child"
Verse from "To a Child" by Henry Longfellow

Longfellow's poem To a Child , written for his son Ernest, mentions Washington's stay in the house. This manuscript excerpt is in the room which was Washington's study and later the Longfellow children's nursery.
From "To a Child":

Once, ah, once, within these walls,
One whom memory oft recalls,
The Father of his Country, dwelt.

And yonder meadows broad and damp
The fires of the besieging camp
Encircled with a burning belt.

Up and down these echoing stairs,
Heavy with the weight of cares,
Sounded his majestic tread;

Yes, within this very room
Sat he in those hours of gloom,
Weary both in heart and head.

Picture of George Washington above a shelf of books
Washington portrait
Child with Doll by Anna Klumpde
Child with Doll
by Anna Klumpke, 1856

Anna Klumpke, an acquaintance of both Edith and Alice Longfellow, painted Child with Doll.

A painting, View of Venice, by an unknown artist, hangs in this room.   

View of Venice by unknown artist
View of Venice
Artist unknown
Fireplace with panelled wall
Fireplace with panelled wall
Cattle in Pool, a painting by John Joseph Enneking, hangs over the fireplace. Cattle in Pool by John J. Enneking
Cattle in Pool
John J. Enneking
Alice Longfellow's citation from American Field Service
AFS citation
Alice's American Field Service Certificate of Service was given in recognition of donating her car for use as an ambulance during the First World War.  

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