Alice's Bedroom

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Alice's bedroom is located in the front of the House with views to the south and west.

Originally, the only access to the room was from the center hallway, but sometime after 1840 two doors were cut into the north wall providing access to the shared bathroom and the closet.

It is not known how and by whom this room was used the first 70 years or so of the House's occupancy. Elizabeth Craigie used it as her bedroom after Andrew Craigie's death in 1819. During Henry and Fanny Longfellow's lifetime (1843-1882) this room served as a guest room.

By 1855 when Fanny bore the Longfellow's last child, Anne Allegra, this was the birthing room. Probably about 1892, after the death of Samuel Longfellow, Alice Mary Longfellow made this room her bedroom. After her death in 1928 this room served as a guest room for family and boarders.

Alice's Bedroom Alice's bedroom

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