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Second floor plan with Alice's bedroom highlighted

Room Use
  • Longfellow used this room in 1840 for his dining room after a fellow boarder moved out.
  • In 1843 when the Worcester family rented the western half of the House, the Longfellows gave this room to them.
  • The Longfellows used this room as their guest room after regaining use of the entire House.
  • Annie Longfellow was born here in 1855.  
  • Edith's son Henry was born in this room in 1881.
  • Sam Longfellow, Henry's brother and secretary, used this room as his bedroom after Henry's death.
  • Alice used the room as her bedroom from Sam Longfellow's death in 1892 until her death in 1928.
  • After Alice's death, the room was again used as a guest room for family and boarders.
Fireplace, art work and chest of drawers
Fireplace wall

Alice's bedroom is shown as it was between 1912 and 1917. View of east wall with bed and chaise lounge Alice's wardrobe and bed

Mahogany bed and wardrobe
Mahogany bed and wardrobe

Alice Longfellow used this room as her bedroom throughout her adult life.

Her French Empire bed and mahogany wardrobe stand against the east wall.

View of west wall wtih desk View of west wall

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