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Architectural details
All the woodwork dates from 1759 except the window sashes which date from the 1790s.   
The brown painted wallpaper with the faux bamboo molding was added in 1868 by Henry Longfellow.
Bamboo molding
Faux bamboo molding on brown wallpaper
Study fireplace
The original fireplace was wider than the one seen today. Longfellow installed the Gothic iron coal grate after 1847.
Drawing of Henry Longfellow
In the Study (Henry W. Longfellow)
by Fanny Longfellow, 1847
Window shutters
Hinged window shutters
All four windows have deep window seats and hinged shutters. To house his growing collection of books, Longfellow converted the window closest to the fireplace to a bookcase before 1870.
Window bookcase
Window bookcase

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