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Portrait of a Man Portrait of a Man
Jacques Louis David, 1825
oil on canvas

Portrait of a Man, a self-portrait painted in Belgium or Switzerland between 1815-1825, is attributed to artist Jacques Louis David.

The marble bust Psyche of Capra by an unknown artist is a copy of the original in the Naples Museum. The Longfellows received it from Charles Sumner's estate in 1874.

Psyche of Capra
Psyche of Capra
Vautin watercolor of Craigie House Craigie House
N. Vautin, June 1845
Watercolor and graphite on cream wove paper
The Vautin watercolor shows the rear of the House in 1845. On the left is a swing and a tree seat. Vautin watercolor of Craigie House
Detail of Vautin watercolor

River Landscape
River Landscape
Emile Lambinet

This work by nineteenth-century Normandy landscape painter Emile Charles Lambinet hangs on the north wall of the room above the door to the dining room.  

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