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View from parlor into parlor anteroom
View through parlor to parlor anteroom
The woodwork dates to the 1790s when the kitchen was converted to the dining room by Andrew Craigie.

The ochre and yellow floral wallpaper was reproduced from samples extant in the house which may have been chosen by Alice Longfellow who favored the Arts and Crafts style. This pattern was named "The Norwich."

Psyche of Captra (copy)
Parlor anteroom wallpaper

Arched doorway
View of arched doorway from parlor
The doorway from the parlor into the parlor anteroom was added while Andrew Craigie owned the House between 1791-1819. Only the right door panel opens; the other is fixed. A vault was installed about 1925. Doorway and chandelier View of single doorway from parlor anteroom
china cabinet
Colonial Revival china closet by Alexander Wadsworth Longfellow Jr., 1917
Alexander Wadsworth Longfellow Jr. ("Waddy") designed the china cabinet for his cousin, Alice Longfellow. china cabinet drawing Design for china closet

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