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parlor 1998
Parlor 1998

The parlor was used as a drawing room throughout the history of the Vassall-Craigie-Longfellow House.
Re-enactment of Washington party
Longfellow descendants re-enacting party held by the Washingtons

During the Colonial period Mistress Vassall received her Tory neighbors in this room.

Martha Washington joined her husband here in December of 1775. She and other women held sewing circles in the parlor and mended clothing for soldiers.

The Washingtons held a grand Twelfth Night Party in this room in January, 1776, which the Longfellow descendants re-enacted over a century later.

Parlor 1871
Parlor 1871

Mrs. Craigie entertained her guests here, including Prince Talleyrand and Prince Louis Phillipe.

From 1843 until 1861 Mrs. Longfellow received many interesting American and European guests, as did her daughter Alice until her death in 1928.

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