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Parlor in 1871
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The parlor is kept today as it was decorated in 1846 by Fanny Longfellow, with a few additions and changes by her daughter Alice. The wallpaper, curtains, rug, and upholstery are all of flower patterns and gray background, characteristic of a lady’s taste in the 1840s.  
Parlor drapery detail
Curtain detail

Above the window curtains are gilt cornices with Gothic trefoils and acorns. From these cornices hang red tassels and knotted valances.

Between the front windows is a large French mirror in which the whole room is reflected.

Southwest corner of parlor
Parlor mirror and southwest corner
Hains armchair
Hains armchair
The eight Louis XVI armchairs of carved walnut, upholstered in flowered silk and wool tapestry, originally belonged to Mrs. Craigie and were bought by Mr. Longfellow at the sale of her furniture in 1841.  
Northwest corner of parlor
On the wall opposite the large picture is an old French china clock under a glass dome. This stands on a Gothic walnut bracket typical of the period when Fanny Longfellow decorated this parlor. French clock
French clock
Fanny's writing desk
Fanny Appleton's writing desk

On the rosewood marquetry desk with satinwood panels are two ruby and gold vases of Bohemian glass.
The wood grain in front is perfectly matched and creates the illusion of a butterfly or other winged creature.
Woodgrain pattern
Wood grain pattern on desk
Martha and George Washington
Martha and George Washington

In the southwest corner are large reproductions of portraits of George and Martha Washington by James Sharples.



Southeast corner
Southeast corner of parlor
Colonial revival chandelier
Chandelier in arch
In the niche to the left of the fireplace hangs an 1820s whale oil Argand chandelier with candles above and crystal pendants below. This was formerly a gas light but was converted for use with candles. Colonial revival chandelier

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