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Fishing Boats by Eugene Isabey
Fishing Boats
by Eugene Isabey, 1830
oil on canvas

On the hearth are Japanese vases, and on the mantel are Japanese bronzes acquired by Charles Longfellow in 1869.

Above is the painting Fishing Boats by the French artist Isabey the Younger.

Parlor Fireplace
Fireplace with Japanese bronzes on mantel
Enlargement available (link)
Grandchildren of Sir William Pepperell
The Grandchildren of Sir William Pepperell
by Mather Brown
oil on canvas

On the wall next to the hall door hangs a large painting by Mather Brown of Sir William Pepperell’s children, Andrew and Elizabeth, who were related to John Vassall, the original owner of the House.

Henry Longfellow purchased the painting for this room.

Children of the Forest by Richards
Children of the Forest
by William Trost Richards
France or Switzerland
mid-19th c., oil on canvas

To the left and the right of this large painting are several European street scenes and Children of the Forest.

Over the door to the hall is an oil painting by Chainbaux titled Moonlight on the River.

Moonlight on the River by Chainbaux
Moonlight on the River
by Chainbaux, 1843
East wall of parlor
East wall
In the niche to the right of the fireplace stands a marble bust of Fanny Longfellow made by the Italian sculptor Bartolini during the Appleton family's 1836 tour of Europe.
Bust of Fanny Appleton
Fanny Appleton
by Lorenzo Bartolini, Florence
May 24-June 2, 1836
marble bust
Charles and Ernest Longfellow as children
Charles and Ernest Longfellow
by Eastman Johnson,
1848, Cambridge
chalk on cream wove paper

Between the west windows is an oval pastel portrait of the Longfellow sons, by Eastman Johnson about 1850.

To the right of the fireplace is an 1855 crayon drawing of Longfellow’s daughters Alice and Edith by the American artist Rowse.

Edith and Alice Longfellow
Edith and Alice Longfellow
by Rowse, 1855
Falls of Minnehaha
Falls of Minnehaha
John Kensett

John Kensett's Waterfall was placed here by Alice Longfellow. Kensett was a close friend of both Henry Longfellow and Fanny's brother, Thomas Gold Appleton.  
Europa and the Bull
Europa and the Bull
by Francesco Albani
17th c.

On a fan is a painting by the seventeenth-century Italian artist Francesco Albani entitled Europa and the Bull.

On this wall is an 1854 crayon portrait of Longfellow by Samuel Lawrence.

Of this picture Longfellow wrote: “Lawrence’s portrait is undoubtedly the most satisfactory that has been taken of me.”

Henry Longfellow 1854
Henry W. Longfellow
by Samuel Lawrence

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