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Northeast view of parlor

The woodwork in the room dates from 1759. The sashes date from the 1790s.

The fireplace wall is the most elaborately carved in the House, with an arched niche on each side, a panelled marble chimney piece, and a broken pediment supported by Corinthian pilasters.

Broken pediment
Broken pediment detail
Marble mantel Parlor fireplace with porcelain vases

The marble mantel dates from the mid-Georgian period and is believed to be original to the House.

The gray floral wallpaper dates from the 1840s when the Longfellows first decorated the room.

Dentil molding enhances the formality of the room.

Gray floral wallpaper
18th c. green wallpaper
Early wallpaper from Craigie period (top), Wallpaper from Longfellow period (bottom)

Underneath the French mirror between the windows is a Chinese-style wallpaper from the eighteenth century.

In 2001 the French mirror between the side windows was removed for conservation, revealing the green floral wallpaper used by the Craigies and perhaps by earlier residents of the House.

Wallpaper detail
Detail of Craigie wallpaper design

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