grey4 Architecture and historic use

Pantry window and cabinet

Built-in cabinets

By 1915, and probably as early as 1894 when alterations were made to the kitchen, the pantry had a transom window and built-in wood-grained cabinets on its west wall. A sink and cabinets in the southeast corner of the room and a closet on the west side of the fireplace were added at this same time.

Pantry door and transom
Pantry cupboards and transom

The door provided access to the adjacent laundry room, and the transom window above it admitted light.

The call bells connected to various rooms in the house, allowing residents to summon members of the staff from many of the rooms.

Call bell

Pantry storage

Pantry storage

This area contained extensive storage and work space for the household. A large table, grain-painted to march the woodwork, was in the room as well.

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