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Franz Liszt portrait
Franz Liszt at the Covento di Santa Francesca
by G.P.A. Healy, 1869
oil on canvas

Near the Corinthian columns is a portrait of Franz Liszt, painted by George Peter Alexander Healy in Rome in 1869.

Longfellow and Healy visited Abbe Liszt, who came to the door holding a candle. Longfellow asked Healy to paint Liszt as they saw him.

Mercury statue
France or Italy
mid-19th century

On the central table is a bronze copy of Mercury in the style of Giovanni Da Bologna. Library table with Mercury
Library table with Mercury
Henry Longfellow sculpture by Thomas Brock 1885
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
by Thomas Brock
1885 marble bust

Near the Italian bookcase containing the white vellum Italian books stands the 1885 marble bust of Longfellow.

It duplicates the one in the Poets’ Corner at Westminster Abbey in London, but is smaller in size. This marble copy was commissioned by Alice Longfellow shortly after the original was unveiled on August 22, 1885.

Northwest corner of library
Library, northwest corner
Sappho sculpture by Thomas Crawford 1885
by Thomas Crawford
Rome, April 1855
plaster statuette painted white

Crawford's statue of Sappho was given to Henry Longfellow by Louisa Ward Crawford, the sculptor's wife, after the death of her husband in 1861.

Longfellow had volumes of Sappho's poetry in his collection.

Sappho on bookcase in library
Sappho on bookcase

Bronze figures on library mantel
Bronzes on the library's mantel
(Left) Setter
France, c. 1840s-60s
by Pierre-Jules Mene
bronze sand-cast, probably by the artist

(Right) Rachel
France, 1839
by Jean-Pierre Dantan
bronze sand-cast,
Guesnel foundry


1876 painting of library by Mary  King Longfellow, not on exhibit
Mary King Longfellow, 1876
(not on exhibit)
This watercolor sketch made by Longfellow’s niece, Mary King Longfellow, represents this end of the library as it looked in 1876.  

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