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It is not known how this room was used during the early history of the House, but during George Washington's occupation of the mansion, it served as the staff room for his aides. Following the American Revolution, Andrew Craigie enlarged this room towards the north as part of his overall expansion of the building.

As the largest room in the house, it was frequently used for gatherings of family and friends. Many birthday dances and other parties, magic lantern shows, piano performances, funerals and weddings were held here.

The Longfellows enjoyed the library for its views of the garden. At Christmas time the room was festively draped with holly and greens.

A small musical party at our house. We had Chopin, Schubert, De Meyer, Liszt, and some German songs. A delightful evening. We lighted the library for the first time. 
—Henry W. Longfellow's journal, June 3, 1846

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