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The kitchen was the largest room added to the Vassall-Craigie-Longfellow House in the late eighteenth century. It replaced the original kitchen which was located where the dining room is now.

Throughout the nineteenth century the new kitchen appeared quite different and was larger than it is today.

In addition to daily food preparation, the Longfellow domestic workers dried laundry in the kitchen, and the room was a favored haunt for some of the family's cats.

The little (or great) girls in this house are very busy at this moment. They have their cousins here from Portland; and have been busy all day at work in the kitchen, making all kinds of things for a tea-party they are to give tomorrow evening, at which there is to be nothing, that has not been made by their own hands.
—Letter from Henry W. Longfellow to Anna Marie Greene, Christmas 1870

Kitchen - north
Northwest view of kitchen with 1903 stove


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