Entry Hall

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This room has been the formal entry for the Vassall-Craigie-Longfellow House since the mansion was constructed in the mid-eighteenth century. When alterations were made to the west side entry and the side entry driveway was laid out, the Longfellows used the new entrance to the House as well as the front entry hall for family or guests.

It is not known which entry was used most often, but by the mid-twentieth century, when the House tours became regular, the front entry was more commonly used by the public.

When you come to Cambridge you will find George Washington brought down from his station on the stairs, and standing in the hall below, where he can be better seen. In his place you will see an old Dutch clock, whose silver chimes will lull you to sleep at night.
—Henry W. Longfellow to George Washington Greene, May 18, 1877

Entry Hall

Entry Hall


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