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Washington bust in front entry
George Washington bust

In 1844 Longfellow acquired a copy of a bust of George Washington made in 1785 by the French sculptor Jean Antoine Houdon. The original terra-cotta bust is at Mount Vernon. Longfellow's copy was recently restored.

Longfellow first placed the bust on the stair landing. When he acquired the tall clock in 1877, he moved the bust to the bottom of the stairs.

Bust of Washington
Copy of Houdon bust of Washington
Washington family tree Washington genealogy and coat-of-arms (lithograph)

Behind the bust Alice Longfellow later hung the Washington family coat-of-arms.

On the wall above the stairs is an engraving of Washington on his white horse.

Washington on the field at Trenton Washington Receiving a Salute on the Field of Trenton
from a painting by John Faed

Landscape in Normandy Landscape in Normandy
by V. Dupre

Paintings depicting European scenes or by European artists are found throughout the house.

Henry Longfellow wrote a poem about Nuremberg.   Many works of art in the house, such as Nuremberg Market, are related to his poetry.

Nuremberg Market Nuremberg Market
by J. Noel
oil on canvas

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