Dining Room

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In the original Vassall House this room served as the kitchen, as it must have during George Washington's occupancy.

Andrew Craigie renovated this space in the 1790s to serve as his dining room. Many elaborate dinner parties and gatherings took place here from the Craigie period through the Longfellow family occupancy, 1843-1950.

There are more guests at the table than the hosts have invited, The illuminated quiet inoffensive ghosts, As quiet as the portraits on the walls.
—Henry W. Longfellow, "Haunted Houses"

...seldom sat down at the nine-o’clock supper that followed the reading of the canto in less number than ten or twelve …supper was very plain: a cold turkey, which the host carved, or a haunch of venison, or some braces of grouse, or a platter of quails, with a deep bowl of salad, and the sympathetic companionship of those elect vintages which Longfellow loved…
—William Dean Howells from Literary Acquaintances

Dining Room

Dining room

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