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East wall with altar table East wall with altar table Along the wall opposite the two windows is the red lacquer Buddhist altar table with detailed carved brackets, partly Chinese and partly Japanese. Altar table Detail of birds Link to enlargement
Sideboard Sideboard and Appleton portraits The sideboard is made of black walnut. The Appleton family portraits hang above it. North wall North wall
Fanny's childhood high chair

Fanny's childhood high chair was given to Charley on his first birthday and was probably used by the other children as well. The chair was made in Boston around 1820. It has black lacquer with gilt, red, green, and blue japanning.

In 1845 Samuel Longfellow wrote, "Charley fat and quiet comes to table at dessert + sites up in his tall chair + pounds on the table with his little fists — while his papa makes the 'music of the spheres' for him on a finger glass..."

High chair detail
High chair detail
Dining room chandelier
This three-arm Cornelius and Baker gasolier was electrified in the early twentieth century. It is an argand chandelier with candle holders. Chandelier detail Chandelier detail
West wall
West wall

On the west wall are two black walnut hanging bookshelves, made around 1840.

A bust of Raphael, one of the bronzes given to the Longfellow children from Charles Sumner's estate, is on top of the shelf. Gold silk damask draperies hang at the windows.

Hanging bookshelf
Hanging bookshelf

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