Blue Entry

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In the 1790s, Andrew Craigie added this hallway and the ell to its north.

Throughout the late eighteenth and nineteenth century this space was always used as a hallway and formal entry to the home. It was an elegant open hallway that served as the primary carriage entrance for guests or family arriving and departing. In the early twentieth century, this hallway was altered to accommodate the installation of an elevator for Alice Longfellow. At that time, the original entrance door was converted to a window, and the space required for the elevator was sensitively designed by Alice's cousin, Alexander Wadsworth Longfellow Jr.

...we pass into a long, narrow hall, running the length of the house. At its head great Jove looks before him with big, unseeing eyes; while on either side are those lovely marble women, who, in spite of Lord Byron's couplet,- "I've seen more beauty, ripe and real, Than all the nonsense of the stone ideal," still hold their own-as embodied ideas in human shape-against their living sisters.
—W. Sloane Kennedy, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1882

Blue Entry west end

Blue Entry, west end

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