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Bust of Jupiter of Otricoli
Jupiter of Otricoli
Boston, 1846
painted plaster cast

Jupiter of Otricoli was cast in Boston in 1846 simulating the original in the Vatican Museum.

Clytie is a painted plaster cast after the marble original in the British Museum.   

Bust of Clytie
painted plaster cast

Bust of Venus of Medici
Venus of Medici
Boston 1901-1911
painted plaster cast

The bust  Venus of Medici is a painted plaster cast acquired by Alice Longfellow.

Sandalphon, a marble bust by sculptor Florence Freeman, was presented to Henry Longfellow on January 18, 1870, by a group of his friends in honor of his poem about the angel Sandalphon .

Bust of Sandalphon
by Florence Freeman
Rome, 1864
Tower by the Water by Ernest Longfellow
Tower by the Water
by Ernest W. Longfellow, 1872

Ernest Longfellow painted Tower by the Water during a trip to Switzerland in 1872, and Cadenabbia while in Italy during 1873.

Henry Longfellow wrote a poem about Cadenabbia .

Lake Como, Cadenabbia, Italy by Ernest Longfellow
Lake Como, Cadenabbia, Italy by Ernest W. Longfellow, 1873

Shore Scene by John Enneking
Shore Scene
by John J. Enneking

Landscapes and shore scenes of other artists are represented as well. Dana Beach by Ernest Longfellow
Dana Beach
by Ernest W. Longfellow
Bust of Henry Longfellow 1851
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
by B.P. Akers, c. 1851
Nearby are busts of Longfellow, one representing him at about the age of forty, and the other in his early seventies.
Bust of Henry Longfellow 1879
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
by Samuel James Kitson, 1879
View of Blue Entry with busts 1917
Blue Entry, east end

To the left and right of the door to the library are marble busts of Fanny Longfellow’s father, Nathan Appleton, and her uncle, Samuel Appleton.

Nathan Appleton, by Richard James Wyatt, was sculpted in Rome in 1836.

Samuel Appleton, by Benjamin Paul Akers, was sculpted in 1851.

Behind the busts are bas-relief panels depicting musicians.

Bas-relief of cherub musicians
Plaster bas-relief panel with cherub musicians

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