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East end
Blue Entry, east end
The door on the left opens onto the piazza behind the house, the one in the center leads to the library, and the one on the right leads to the back stair hall.  
plaster molding
Plaster molding

When Andrew Craigie added the Blue Entry to the House, he added decorative Federal-style plaster images and dentil molding

In the 1850s, Henry Longfellow divided the space into two rooms when he converted the west end door to a window.

plaster head
Plaster head
elevator compartment
Elevator compartment

The hydraulic elevator installation, designed by Alexander Wadsworth Longfellow Jr., was completed around 1907. Alice Longfellow suffered from arthritis and sometimes used a wheelchair.

Although a significant architectural intrusion, the elevator allowed Alice to use both floors of the House.

elevator mechanism
Elevator mechanism in cellar

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