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Henry Longfellow in 1840
Henry W. Longfellow
by Cephus Giovanni Thompson
oil on canvas

This painting of Henry Longfellow by Cephus Giovanni Thompson was not especially popular with the family when it was painted. Samuel Longfellow observed that it was not at all like him.

Alexander W. Longfellow Sr. told Henry, "It has a sneaking, downcast, and sinister expression, which belongs to anybody sooner than yourself. You look, on that canvas, as if you had been stealing sheep, which I am confident you never did. The portrait looks, making his pardon, much more like Dickens than you."

An engraving of this portrait by Cheney was used as an illustration in Cary and Hart's American Poets.

Display of Japanese fans
Japanese two-fold screen

Charley Longfellow brought the two-fold screen from Japan. It is 5'8" high and 37" wide. Painted panels are pasted on gold leaf ground.  
Charles Sumner by Ernest Longfellow
Charles Sumner
by E.W. Longfellow
Oil on canvas
c. late 1860s

Ernest Wadsworth Longfellow's portrait of family friend, Charles Sumner (1811-1874) hangs at the bottom of the stairs.

Sumner endured a painful assault in the Senate chamber in 1856 when he was beaten unconcious by a representative from South Carolina after speaking against slavery. He spent several of the following years undergoing painful treatments to restore his health before returning to the Senate.

Plaster cast of Hans Christian Andersen
Plaster cast wall plaque depicting Hans Christian Andersen

The Royal Copenhagen bas-relief wall plaque of Hans Christian Anderson (1805-1875) was designed by L. Fieth and modeled by Christian Emeret between 1869 and 1882.

It hangs near the study door.


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