Woodland walk Woodland walk

The Vassall and Craigie estates contained land and outbuildings for farming.

The Longfellow gardens consisted mainly of decorative flower gardens and, at the north of a property, a "woodland walk".

There was a pond on the property (originally between the two houses now directly to the west) which the children especially enjoyed.

1844 property plan
1844 property plan

Engraving of west yard

Henry Longfellow had a formal garden designed based on a pattern he had seen.

He combined formal gardens and open areas to allow for ample outdoor living space for his family.

He later added a balustrade to the front yard.

Front yard

1855 drawing by Ernest Longfellow

Alice Longfellow worked with two landscape architects, Martha Brookes Hutcheson (1904-05) and Ellen Biddle Shipman (1923-1925) to restore the family garden. She also added a pergola and sundial.

House and front yard before 1872

Property history

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