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Vassall Craigie property map
Early outbuildings

Different land uses over time required different kinds of buildings.

The Vassalls and Craigies had working farms on the property, which required extensive land. Until central heating (1850) and plumbing (1885) were installed, woodsheds and privies were necessary.

Carriage house Carriage house

In 1844 Henry Longfellow built a carriage house on the site of the Craigie coach house that had burned in 1840.

The Longfellows stored carriages and sleighs here and, at times, kept horses.

The Longfellows built a billiard room where the NPS visitor center is today. Alice later removed this structure.

Billiard room Billiard room in foreground
Alice's car Alice's car at the house

Once Alice acquired a car, her cousin Waddy altered part of the interior of the carriage house to accommodate it while leaving the horse stalls intact in the center of the building.

The car-washing apparatus can still be seen in the carriage house.

The car is now in a private collection.

Alice's car Alice's car (restored)

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