Archives, Manuscripts and Photograph Collection

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Archives, Manuscripts and Photograph Collection
One of the strengths of Longfellow National Historic Site, the extensive archives, manuscripts and photograph collection provides a rare opportunity to view eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century American history through the eyes of multiple generations of the Longfellow, Appleton, Dana and Wadsworth families.   Various family members were actively involved in or were firsthand witnesses to the Revolutionary, Barbary and Civil Wars; nineteenth century American art, theater and literary culture, and politics; world travel; and social movements such as abolition, women’s education, historic preservation and socialism.   In addition, the collection illuminates the daily lives of the house’s occupants with great immediacy; outlines the history and use of objects (now in the museum collections) acquired by the Longfellows; and documents changes to the structures and grounds.

360 linear feet of papers, c. 1650 – 1972 (approx. 765,191 items); approximately 12,000 photographs


Group of photos
Group of Longfellow House photographs

Letter from John Quincy Adams to Francis Dana, 1783
Letter from John Quincy Adams in The Hague to Francis Dana in St. Petersburg, Russia

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